BUY YOUR FIRST HOME TODAY! gives you insider strategies that will enable you to ??turn your home into a source of financial security and a key element of a balanced life??. 


John Mallett40% OF RENTERS CAN QUALIFY TO BUY A HOUSE  — AND DON’T KNOW IT! The purpose of this book is to ignite a revolution that motivates potential first-time homebuyers to get out of the home rental grind and get into the homeownership game.”

My goal is to help you as a home buyer discover how success is ultimately measured by a combination of finding the best mortgage for you AND then wisely managing your mortgage. You deserve to keep as much money in your pocket and as little going into your lender's as possible—until you own your home free and clear. I look forward to giving you an edge that can make all the difference in the worlda difference that can change your life in the short term and for many years to come!

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